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Financial system is one of the industries in an economy. It is a particularly important industry that frequently has a far reaching impact on society and the economy. But if its occult trappings are stripped it is like any industry, a group of firms that combine factors of production (Credit card, Personal Loan,E-networking) under the general direction of a management team and produce a product or cluster of products for sale in financial market. The product of the financial industry is not tangible rather it is an intangible service. Financial industry as a whole, produces a wide range of services but all these services are related directly or indirectly to assets and liabilities, that is, claims on people, organization, institutions, companies and government. These are the forms in which people accumulate much of their wealth. In simple terms we are referring to Credit Card Sales: Personal loan  mortgages and other securities. Thus, financial system performs certain essential functions for the economy, including maintenance of payment system (through which purchasing power is transferred from one participant to another i.e. from buyer to seller), collection and allocation of the savings of society, and creation of a variety of stores of wealth to suit the preferences of savers. This brief sketch of functions of financial system gives us its gist. Performance of these functions presupposes the existence of financial assets, financial institutions (intermediaries) and financial markets. A combination of these three constitute financial system. To interpret the financial system and evaluate its performance, it requires an understanding of its functions in an economy. Financial system in fact has the following functions : :

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